Do you know that most companies only allow 3% of their maintenance budgets to lubrication and lubrication maintenance tasks? But 54% of equipment failures can be associated with lubrication issues?

Lubri-Con’s approach to a lubrication is a unique introduction to Trinidad and Tobago Industrial sector. It is an approach that realizes that plant and equipment reliability and productivity is paramount to achieving operational effectiveness.

We focus on engineering out existing lubrication issues and design our customers a lubrication management program intended to enhance plant and equipment longevity. Without control measures and a structured lubrication management program in place you are inviting costly failures which will result in costly equipment down time and production losses.

For example, if a company’s annual; maintenance expenditure is $10,000.00 and they typical lubrication expenditure is only 3% this will be on average $300,00pa spent on lubrication and resources. On the other hand if 54% of mechanical failures are related to l lubrication, this would equate to $5,400.00 contributed to correct lubrication management system you can reduce your lubrication maintenance related failures up to 30% = saving and additional $1,620,00pa.