A Plant Lubrication Audit is a detailed assessment of a facility’s existing lubrication management program. It is important to first understand the current on-site lubrication practices, good and/or bad and report on its status to management. This report is then used to determine what changes are needed in order to ensure the implementation of a world class lubrication management program.

Lubri-Con Ltd will conduct plant lubrication audits to investigate and document the status of the current lubrication and maintenance related practices in your company. The audits will examine several areas:

  1. Lubricant storage and handling
  2. Lubricant standards / consolidation /purchasing procedure
  3. Oil analysis/ oil sampling techniques/ location of sample points
  4. Contamination control (target setting and current practices)
  5. Education/ training & skills development
  6. Lubricant related maintenance practices and procedures (greasing/ oil change-out etc..)
  7. Program management / Goals/ Metrics
  8. Safety and disposal guidelines
  9. Continuous improvement processes