Lubri-Con Ltd provides customized filtration services for its clients. In this regard, Lubri-Con Ltd provides a unique service to the industry.

Quite often we simply read a laboratory test report that says, “High particulate contamination – filter oil”. In many instances, the provider of this type of analysis also provides the oil filtration service. In this environment there is no objectivity into exploring the causes that lead to the high particulate contamination. Therefore, contamination issues never ends and filtration is a continuous process. This approach is costly and provides no solution.

At Lubri-Con Ltd our approach is different – we work with our clients in understanding the problems then designing a solution that is unique to their environment.

  1. Analysis report – High level of particulate contamination
  2. Investigate possible causes – equipment and lubrication practices review
  3. Solution development – filtration, equipment modification, improvement in lubrication practices
  4. Implementation of a contamination control procedure in keeping with OEM recommendations

We have the manpower and equipment to provide turnkey oil filtration and flushing services for the following equipment:

  • Hydraulic systems
  • Turbines/compressors
  • Particle contamination control on oils and fuels of various viscosities

Our main objective is to bring all fluids to a suitable ISO 4406 standard as dictated by the OEM for our customers

Routine filtration is an important part of a reliability centered preventive maintenance program. The damaging effect of high levels of particulate contamination in oils is very well documented.